OMH Capital Campaign

Capital Improvement Program

Almost from its construction in 1803, the Old Meeting House has benefited

from capital improvement. In 1837, the building was rotated 90 degrees to face the crossroads at the village’s center, while a foyer and steeple were added. In 1855, the steeple was altered to support a larger bell, the belfry clock was installed in 1912, and 1955 saw extensive interior renovations, e.g., the pulpit and organ screen.

In 1987, title to building was transferred to the Old Meeting House of Francestown, Inc., with the town retaining ownership of the clock. Following this acquisition, the Old Meeting House of Francestown, Inc., received non-profit 501(c)3 status.

This allowed the Trustees to raise significant private funds and bring the building up to its magnificent condition, suitable for weddings, fund-raising performances, and other community uses. These activities bring the community into this historic building and, along with an annual membership drive, cover its operating costs.

It has now, however, been over 20 years since any major renovation was undertaken. The time has come for much needed capital improvement. This must be done now.

The Board of Trustees has carefully prepared a $70,000 capital improvement program, which includes reglazing, priming, and painting windows, transoms, and steeple; priming and painting the rest of the building; regrading and drainage, cellar repairs, and installing energy-efficient heating.  Please give generously to this capital campaign.

Your Capital Campaign pledge can be spread out over a five-year period. Please contact a Trustee to learn more.