About Us

The Old Meeting House of Francestown, Inc., is

Old Meeting House-14OMH.PBphoto117a non-profit, 501(3)(c) corporation whose mission it is to preserve and maintain this lovely National Register building that has long been central to our community.

Because this historic structure receives no funds from the Town of Francestown or the Francestown Improvement and Historic Society, the board of trustees is charged with fund raising and ongoing preservation work.



Founding Trustees

Bob Abbott

John Arnold

Carol Barr

Betty Behrsing

Herb Benedict

Mit Boyle

Dick Edwards

Chester Fesmire

Derald Radtke

2016-2017 Trustees

President: Steve Griffin

Vice President:  Marsha Dixon

Secretary:  Marcy Tripp Graham

Treasurer: Stewart Brock

David Drinkwater

Nancy Gagnon

Jane Lawrence

Tabitha Momenee

Pat Thalhauser


Past Trustees

Len Allen

Meredeth Allen

David Avery

Judy Badot

Merrill Beauchamp

Peter Bixby

Stacy Borden

Greg Cope

Judy Danforth

Bob Edwards

Donna Ehrler

Michele Ferencsik

Roon Frost

Luis Gallop

Lisa Phillips Grady

Louise Greene

Jan Hagan

Lillian Harrigan

Katie Holmes

Brad Howell

Patrick Hooper

Heather Ireland

Phil Ireland

Mary Kopcza

Bruce Larsen

Kristiana Larsen

Ralph Lavallee

Richard Leandri

Dean Lizotte

Sandi Lowery

Bill McAuley

Leigh McLeod

Wayne McLeod

Diane Noonan

Chuck Onasch

Andy Paul

Karen Paul

Sarah Pyle

Nancy Rice

Dennis Rodier

Eileen Rodier

Amy St. Cyr

Gary Schnakenberg

Cherie Scott

Ann Soper

Richard Stein

Bill Swan

Fletcher Taft

Alan Thulander

Jennifer Vadney

Maureen von Rosenvinge